The brief.

You wouldn’t expect a professional cleaning company to be dominating their social media, would you? But in this case, JCD Cleaning are one of our long-term clients that we produce videos for every month.

Reaching over 10,000 people every month organically with videos that are a little different to the normal ‘about us’ videos. We produce product reviews, science videos, content around debunking common cleaning misconceptions and much, much more.

This is our latest video that positions Chris, the founder of JCD Cleaning, as an expert in his field. Showing his authority and credibility as both a knowledgable cleaner, but also an up-to-date business owner.

What they said.

It's more than just video content. It's positioning us as the experts that know what we're doing. It's awareness, credibility, authority and trustworthiness all within a video. What price do you put on that?

JCD Cleaning