About us

We’re a fresh-faced team of Gen-Z’s that live and breath social media. Creating videos and social content for brands that aren’t afraid to stand out.

We’ve stepped in.

Video production has always been exclusive to the brands that can afford the hefty price tag. Well, not anymore! 

What we do

We’re Convenient.

We take the weight of having to produce attention-grabbing content on social media off of your shoulders, managing the entire process from start to finish.

We Don’t Outsource.

All of our own team and equipment are in-house, meaning nothing is outsourced. You work alongside your own dedicated team that plan, produce and post everything for you.

We’re Flexible.

We book in time to organise and produce your content around your busy schedule. Meaning you can carry on with your day-to-day as we work flexibly. 

Meet The Team.

Video production doesn’t require a 10+ person crew, fifteen cameras and a director in a fancy chair saying “cut!”. We work in small, experienced crews that pack a huge punch.


Have your voice.